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If you want to revitalise your brand, you have come to the right place. I will help you to rethink your brand.

Not by a simple visual makeover, but by unsalted, no-nonsense digging, carving and sharpening to get to the core of your brand. With just one goal in mind: to shape and create a quality brand that will stick with your audience.


Many roads lead to Rome. Depending on your brand, there are tools that will work with your audience. (And some that won't).


In the process of shaping and creating your brand we'll establish what will be needed to make your brand stick, within the available means. This may entail a new (digital) strategy, proposition, fresh copy or visual identity, shifting to new (social) media, or resort to guerrilla tactics. [i.e. Whatever works].


My name is Elmer van Dalen, aka Supergluer. I am an experienced, creative marketing professional, with a talent for branding, strategy and storytelling. I am driven by customer satisfaction and the rush that comes from creating great work. Work I have to be proud of. 

You'll find me to be professional, creative, diligent, customer-oriented, and overall great to work with. Plus, I like to keep it simple and affordable.


 Elmer is a very creative and strategic marketeer. He senses core values of a company easily and knows how to translate them into clear wordings and images. He is very thorough and reconsiders extensively before presenting his vision. 
Besides all this Elmer is a very friendly guy and a pleasure to work with.


- Rogier Braakman, Managing Director @Penta Hotels Worldwide

 Feel free to get in touch! 

+31 (0)6 48 31 57 98

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